December 2014 Edition

IJASR Volume 2- Issue 4, December 2014 Edition 

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TASSEW ALEMAYEHU, Mebrhit Birahane

ABSTRACT: This paper review theory and Mechanism of Corrosion as well as ways of prevented method. Corrosion is one of the greatest civil engineering challenges all over the world. Corrosion is caused by steel over time restoring to its natural state of iron steel. Several protection methods against Corrosion have been developed including cathodic protection and using inhibitors and coating. Hot wax dip method and sealing service with poly sulfide are two popular protection methods of corrosion.

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Abnormalities Detection in Superficial Layers of Skin using Optics

Saravana kumar T, Vignesh S M, Jeeva J B

ABSTRACT: Light reflected back from the surface of skin is consists of two elements: normal reflectance or else the “glow” echoing from skin surface and backscattering of the light from the deep and shallow tissues inside. The normal reflectance comprises of the noticeable indications associated to surface nature, whereas the light received from the backscattering is full on information relevant to skin tone, erythema multiforme, and other intra-cutaneous anatomy. A weightless hand operated device that combines an optical source that lime lights the area to be diagnosed and the photodiode array. The photodiode array picks up the scattered light from the skin surface. The output from the photodiode is made into voltage of acceptable level and read by the computer for processing. The maxim is that the light backscattered from regular and irregular tissue is predominantly distant due to differences in their absorption, transmittance and reflectance qualities of light. These differences are so evident that it can be used to identify the existence of cancer in the superficial layers of skin

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Web Data Record Extraction Prototype Based on Partial Tree Alignment

San San Tint, May Thandar Soe

ABSTRACT: On various kinds of the Webs, data records are contained a huge amount of information in structured objects today. By containing their web page, such data records are interested to be mined by the users who look for their important things in the web. Most of the data records are extracted from the web page containing the list of products and services doe to determine what are needed for people. This paper presents Data Extraction based on Partial Tree Alignment (DEPTA) which is implemented by combing Mining Data Record in the Web (MDR) and Align and Extract Data Items (AEDI) from the Identified Records. This paper especially presents a portion of example products on the web like furniture web page as a prototype. The proposed system is able to mine and extract information both contiguous and noncontiguous data records.

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Variation of Alumina Sources on the Synthesis of High-Silica Mordenite from Lapindo Mud without Organic Template

Muhibullah Abdisy Syakur Al Mubarok, Hurul Aini As Silmi,
Wega Trisunaryanti and Sutarno

ABSTRACT: Mordenite with high-silica content was successfully synthesized without organic template with variations in alumina sources. Silica was extracted from Lapindo mud using NaOH and the filtrate was titrated with HCl. The alumina sources studied in this paper includes natural zeolite, aluminum foil and sodium aluminate. The synthesis of zeolite using natural zeolite, aluminum foil and sodium aluminate was conducted under the following reaction conditions 6Na2O:Al2O3:30SiO2:780H2O at 190 oC for 24 hours; 3.5Na2O:Al2O3:20SiO2:219H2O at 165 oC for 48 hours; and 8Na2O:Al2O3: 50SiO2:960H2O at 170 oC for
24 hours respectively. The synthesized zeolite and high-silica commercial mordenite was then characterized by XRD, FTIR and XRF. The results showed that high-silica mordenite was successfully formed from sodium aluminate, while other sources formed high crystalline analcime. The results suggested the significance of the effect from impurities in the alumina sources during the synthesis of zeolites.

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Study of Acid Leaching in the Preparation of Silicon from Lapindo Mud

Muhibullah Abdisy Syakur Al Mubarok, Lisna Putri Setiawan, Maisari Utami,
and Wega Trisunaryanti

ABSTRACT: Silicon was prepared by metallothermal reduction of high purity silica obtained from Lapindo mud. Silica was extracted as sodium silicate from Lapindo mud using NaOH solution and followed by titration with HCl to produce silica alcogel. Then it was washed and dried to obtain silica xerogels. The silica was characterized using X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence. Silicon was prepared from metallothermal reduction of the silica at 650 °C for 3 hours using magnesium (99% purity) as a reducing agent. The product was then subjected to two stages of acid leaching sequence, first leached with HCl:HF solutions followed with HF:CH3COOH solutions. The product of each leaching step was characterized using X-ray diffraction. The structure of the silica was amorphous and its purity was found to be at 98.1%. The results showed that the reduced xerogels contained silicon, Mg2SiO4, MgO and Mg2Si. First leaching step were proved capable to remove Mg2SiO4 and MgO phases but both of leaching step unable remove Mg2Si in reduction product. The final product showed silicon was the major phase whereas Mg2Si was the minor phase.

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The Utilization of Sand Merapi Volcano Eruption for High Quality Concrete Material with Additive Substance Using Coir-Dust Particles

Muhibullah Abdisy Syakur Al Mubarok, Wahyu Setyo Budhi,
Pandu Setiawan, and Iip Izul Falah

ABSTRACT: The powder of coir-dust fiber can be utilized for the preparation of a compound named by Sodium Lignosulfonate. Sand from Merapi volcano eruption and Sodium Lignosulfonate are well known materials which can be utilized to produce high quality concrete for construction. The compound was prepared by filtrating coir-dust powder using a 40 mesh-sieve then boiled into a set of reflux equipment using sodium bisulfite (1:15). The results showed that the compound are formed which can be seen from the physical properties of the products. Qualitative tests of products were conducted through FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) analysis. Some concretes were made to determine the effects of the compound on a concrete compressive strength. The concrete was made by its comparative study of the composition of the cement and sand in 1:6. SLS powder was dissolved in water and from its various concentrations ranged 5% to 20% of the weight of cement used. Test result shows that maximum compressive strength of concrete at a concentration of 10% SLS. From these results, the compounds can be used as an additive substance to produce a concrete with higher quality by the utilization of Sand from Merapi volcano eruption.

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Erdogan Guk, Naci Kalkan

ABSTRACT: This paper describes wave energy technologies for the solution of long term Mozambique`s energy problem with better reliability. A short overview about wave energy devices is explained with a basic energy analysis. This report also includes some evaluations and discussions of wave energy systems in the following pages. This report focuses on some important factors such as location, wave energy density, power absorption, efficiency and maintenance to determine the most convenient wave energy device to generate energy for Mozambique in Africa. The general purpose of the article is to understand how efficiently wave energy systems generates energy, and solve the Mozambique`s increasing energy demand in our century.

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Sun Tracking System Based On Neural Network

Eng.Michael Assaf

Has been withdrawn “plagiarized manuscript”



Naci Kalkan, K.H.Luo , Erdogan Guk

ABSTRACT: This paper describes hydrogen technologies for the solution of long term internal combustion engine fuel problem with better reliability. A short overview about hydrogen is explained with some comparison among petrol and diesel. This report also includes some evaluations and discussions of implications of the combustion process of hydrogen systems in the following pages. The calculation of flame temperature for complete combustion and equilibrium and mixture pressure is explained in more detail. The general purpose of the article is to understand how efficiently hydrogen technology can be used as a fuel in the engine such as spark ignition and compression ignition and solve the World`s increasing engine fuel problem in our century.

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Effect of deformation Processes on Corrosion Behavior of AA6061 in Salt Solution (3.5% NaCl)

Ahmad Almansour1, Mazen Azizi2, Abdul Munem Jesri3, Sami Entakly4

ABSTRACT:  The corrosion of AA6061 after deformation at different degrees was investigated. The aim of this work was to determine the effect of deformation on the microstructure and on the corrosion behavior of AA6061.The samples conditions were; annealed (O), tensed (Ten1=14%, Ten2=22%,Ten3=30%).The microstructure was investigated by optical microscope. The mechanical properties were investigated by hardness tests. The corrosion behavior was investigated by measuring linear polarisation, combined with open circuit potential using Potential State in acidic pH = 2 and alkaline pH = 12 and neutral PH = 7 chloride solutions.The result showed that the corrosion rate of the alloy was (500,100,1000 µm/y) for annealed material in PH(2,7,12) respectively, and for Ten1 (728,506,1800 µm/y) in PH(2,7,12) respectively, and for Ten2 (1500,783,2678 µm/y) in PH(2,7,12) respectively, and for Ten3 (2300,212,3160 µm/y) in PH(2,7,12) respectively. That means the alkaline medium has the greatest influence on corrosion resistance for all structures, also the increase in rate of deformation causes decrease in corrosion resistance in all mediums.

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Prevalence of hypertension among working personnel at Taibah College of Medicine, Medina, Saudi Arabia, 2013

Faisal A. Almukhlifi(1), Osama H. Alsaedi(1), Mohammad A. Alhojily(1), Ahmad G. Alsaedi(1), Adel S. Alahmdi(1), Sami A. Almogamsi(1), Dr.Khaled Kasim(2)

ABSTRACT: Hypertension is a major public health problem worldwide and is one of the risk factors for vascular diseases. No available data about its prevalence among working personnel at Taibah University.

The study aimed to estimate the prevalence of hypertension among working personnel of Taibah medical college and to identify the risk factors that associated with its occurrence.

A cross-sectional study was conducted in the male section of working personnel at college of medicine, Taibah University, Medina, Saudi Arabia. The data were collected from randomly selected 50 male by self- administrated questionnaires, representing around 50% of total working personnel. The data collected included the main risk factors of hypertension. The statistical analysis was conducted by SPSS and Excel programs.

The prevalence of hypertension among the studied working personnel was 26% (13 out of 50 subjects). The doctor’s population showed significantly higher prevalence of hypertension of 20% (10 persons). We observed that 14% of total sample were hypertensive and above 50 years. Among the 13 hypertensive patients, 8 were obese, 4 were overweight, and only one was normal weight. Unlike expected, out of the 13 (hypertensive patients, 9 (18%) were non-smoker, 3 (6%) were ex-smoker, and only one was smoker. Of the 13 hypertensive patients, 77% of them reported that they have had positive family history of hypertension.

The prevalence of hypertension among the studied working personnel was relatively high. The main risk factors were age over 50 years, overweight or obesity, and positive family history of hypertension.

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Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus among working personnel at Taibah College of Medicine, Medina, Saudi Arabia, 2013

Faisal Almukhlifi(1), Khaled Alharbi(1), Ahmad Alofi(1), Essa Aljuhani(1), Mohammed S. Alenazi(1), Ahmad Alharbi(1), Ahmad Alhabidi(1), Dr.Soliman Amer(2)

ABSTRACT: Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common endocrine diseases in all populations and all age groups. There are many risk factors that are associated with diabetes mellitus that may include obesity, sedentary Lifestyle, Unhealthy Eating Habits, Family History and genetics.

To determine the prevalence of DM among working personnel of the Faculty of Medicine at Taibah University. To determine the relationship between DM and lifestyle factors.

A descriptive (cross-sectional study) it was among working personnel (male), faculty of Medicine, Taibah University in Al-Medina Al-Munowrah in K.S.A. the study was conducted on 104 persons. The statistical analysis was conducted with SPSS version 19.0 for Windows. Data were collected using self-administrated questionnaire free informed consent was taken from each participants.

Prevalence of diabetes mellitus among the studied subjects was 21.15%. Related risk factors were smoking habit, body mass index, eating fast food, physical activity, increased age with type II DM and the high incidence of type I was in ten years. The prevalence of DM increases with smokers comparable to nonsmokers BMI eating fast food and decreases when there is an increase with physical activity.

Diabetes   is a considerable chronic disease. The related risk factors were old age. Other factors like BMI, smoking, eating fast food, and physical activity are controllable. Key words: prevalence, DM, working personal

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