June 2014 Edition

June 2014 Edition IJASR Volume 2- Issue 2

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Study of Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks

Binish Raza, Faiza Qaiser, Muhammad Ahsan Raza

ABSTRACT: Today the growing interest in Internet, Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) plays important roles towards the next- generation wireless networking called 4G. It is a key technology to support wireless multi-hop networks. Wireless Mesh Network is a combination of mobile ad hoc and conventional networks. In contrast to conventional networks, Wireless Mesh Network has no fixed configuration. Wireless Mesh Networks is configured using mesh routers and mesh clients.WMN significantly improved of performance of Wireless Ad hoc and traditional networks. Due to dynamic routing nature of WMNs, the optimization of routing protocol is most critical task. In this study we discuss various existing routing protocols and issues related to routing in WMN.

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Escaping from StraightLine in Ubiquitous Computing

Binish Raza, Muhammad Ahsan Raza, Muhammad Fuzail

ABSTRACT: The increasing interest in the usage of handheld and portable devices causes emergence of ‘Ubiquitous Computing’. This paper discuss about the working of upcoming technology known as Calm Technology defined as “a paradigm shift where a technology become virtually invisible in our life, also known as Ubiquitous Computing”. The emerging technology enables different devices of different operating systems interact, then consideration and requirement that will have to be taken in account are the subject of discussion in this paper.This paper is about the relation of devices having heterogeneous operating systems that are communicating with environment. The applications we use have no manualor direct interaction with the real environment.

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