May – June 2020 Edition

International Journal of Academic Scientific Research

ISSN: 2272-6446 Volume 8, Issue 2 (May – June 2020)

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Laboratory-Based Usability Test

Ahmad Almansour, Jamil Chikh Osman, Sahar Hamido

Abstract: Usability is becoming a vital aspect of the spread and marketing of any website. The present research applied laboratory-based usability testing on Shura website. For this purpose, a laboratory was designed and equipped so that participants can perform the test under direct observation and supervision of the testing team. The Participants were recruited and selected by an online survey. Prior to the test, all participants responded to pre-questionnaire to understand their attitudes. Test tasks were designed to test two versions of the website in concern. As a result, the laboratory-based test proved to be effective in discovering the drawback of the website even with a little number of participants.

Keywords: User Centered Design, Website Usability, Software Usability, Ergonomics

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A Rare Cause Of Acute Respiratory Failure And Hypoxia: Huge Left Atrial Sarcoma


Abstract: A 29  year-old male, not known to have any medical illness. He was admitted with fever and shortness of breath for 4 days not improving with medical therapy. He was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure and was admitted to a local hospital, intubated for 10 days and treated as pneumonia. He was transferred to our hospital and after reviewing his condition, other diagnoses such as pulmonary embolism (PE) were considered. CT-scan for PE showed large left atrial (LA) mass. Transesophageal Echo (TEE) showed a large LA mass obstructing the mitral valve. He underwent emergency surgical excision of the mass via median sternotomy. His respiratory failure and hypoxia improved immediately post-operatively and he was extubated the next day. Large LA mass could mimic acute respiratory failure clinically and should be considered in the differential diagnosis.

Keyword: acute respiratory failure, cardiac sarcoma, left atrial mass, left atrial tumor, sarcoma.

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Chemistry of Pre-Monsoon and Monsoon Rain Water in Rajshahi City of Bangladesh

A. H. M. Shofiul Islam Molla Jamal, Shamim Ahmed, Shakila Akter, Aynun Nahar, Rokaia Sultana, Md. Ripaj Uddin, Mehedi Hasan, Tajnin jahan, Shahnaz Sultana

Abstract: This study assessed the physical and chemical properties of rainwater of Rajshahi city of Bangladesh. Rainwater samples were collected two time’s pre-monsoon season and monsoon season per year with standard rain collection instruments in the period March, 2017 to October, 2019. The physicochemical characterization involved determination of pH, EC, major ions, and the metals of interest in the soluble fraction of rainwater. Precipitations had an acidic pH (6.40-6.66) and, compared to World Health Organization guidelines for drinking-water quality, samples were characterized by low EC (31-102 µS/cm), DO ( 2.77-5.80 m/L), TDS (15-49 mg/L), Acidity ( 9.49-18.55 m/L), dissolved CO2 ( 8.35-16.32 mg/L), Alkalinity (17.4-20.8 mg/L), Hardness ( 25-38 mg/L), Ca2+ (9-15 mg/L), Mg2+ (6-9 mg/L), NO3(3-6mg/L), and SO42- (up to 6.0 mg/L) values. Metal ions (As, Cd, Cr, Pd and Hg) were found in below the detection limit (BDL) of AAS for these collected rainwater samples. Rain water quality during monsoon season was better than that of pre-monsoon season in Rajshahi city due to difference of dust in the air. pH, EC, TDS and DO of rainwater reflects the impact of atmospheric particulate matter on the precipitation chemistry.

Keywords: Rain water, acid rain, heavy metals, water quality, physicochemical properties.

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