May – June 2021 Edition

International Journal of Academic Scientific Research

ISSN: 2272-6446 Volume 9, Issue 2 (May – June 2021)

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Unilateral Brown Syndrome Associated with Contralateral Superior Oblique Palsy in Two Brothers: A Case Report
Enam Danish, Ghaida Alahmadi, Abeer Aljahdali, Manal Hadrawi, Abdulelah Bana

The typical presentation of Brown syndrome is the restricted adduction on elevation and it still has a controversial pathology.We report a Cases of two brothers.The1st Case,8-year- old,had right head tilt with left hypertropia increase in right gaze and left head tilt.The right eye showed limitation of elevation in adduction.the2ndcase,7-year-old had left head tilt with right hypertropia increased in left gaze and in right head tilt.The left eye showed limitation of elevation in adduction.Magnetic resonance imaging of the orbits and brainstem showed hypoplasia of both SO muscles in case1 and hypoplastic left SO muscle with normal sized right SO muscle in case2.The trochlear nerve was not identified on either side in both cases.Congenital Brown syndrome associated with absent trochlear nerve and dysinnervation of the SO muscle or absent trochlear nerve with secondary changes of SO muscle that may manifest as Brown and SO palsy supported reports on congenital cranial dysinnervation disorders CCDDs as the underlying pathogenesis.

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