December 2017 Edition

 IJASR Volume 5 – Issue 2, September – December 2017 Edition

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A Simple and Sensitive Spectrophotometric Method for Determination of Ofloxacin in pure form and Pharmaceutical Formulations

Rana M. W. Kazan,  Hassan Seddik, Mahmoud Aboudane

Abstract: A Simple, rapid, and sensitive spectrophotometric method was developed for the determination of a fluoroquinolone antibiotic Ofloxacin (OFL), in pure form and pharmaceutical formulations. This method is based on the formation of ion-pair complex between the basic drug (OFL), and acid dye; bromocresol green (BCG). The formed complex was measured at 430 nm by using chloroform as solvent. The analytical parameters and their effects are investigated. Beer’s law was obeyed in the range of  0.434 – 11.564  µg/mL, with correlation coefficient   R2 = 0.9998. The average recovery of Ofloxacin was between 98.61 and 101.61%. The limit of detection was 5.78 ng/mL and limit of quantification was 17.52 ng/mL. The proposed method has been successfully applied to the analysis of the studied drug in pure form and pharmaceutical formulations.

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Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with peptic ulcer disease and non-ulcer dyspepsia and comparison among six diagnostic methods

Ghadir Taleb Mahmood, Wlaa Taleb Assi, Ali Ibrahim Ibrahim

Abstract: The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection among patients presenting withpeptic ulcer disease (PUD) andnon- ulcer dyspepsia (NUD) in Aleppo city, Syria and to compare the sensitivity and specificity of six diagnostic tests using real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) as gold standard.The study included 50patients with PUD and 25 patients withNUD who underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy at AL-RAZIhospital and ALEPPO UNIVERSITY hospital between May2015 and February 2017.Seven diagnostic tests for H.pylori were used and compared including: RT-PCR, Culture, Rapid Urease Test (RUT), Stool Antigen Test (SAT), Urea Breath Test (UBT), Serology IgG, test. The overall prevalence rate of H. pyloriinfectionamong50 patients with PUD was 70% by RT-PCR method,on the other hand,the prevalence was 52%among NUD patients,we noticed that Age and gender were not statistically significant in H.pylori infection, while smoking was an important risk factor. Serology IgG test had  the highest sensitivity which was 100%  followed by SAT (93.7%). The specificity of all diagnostic tests was 100% except serology IgG test (92.5%). We concluded that the frequency of H. pylori among the studied population is remarkably high. Stool antigen test showed high specificity and acceptable sensitivity compared to RT-PCR, therefore it i sconsidered reliable diagnostic methods when RT-PCR is unavailable.

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Comparison between fasting and non-fasting serum levels of cholesterol and lipoproteins, either high density or low density

Emad Baleed, Naissam Azawi

Abstract:The study included 200 patients with an average age of 30 years. The mean fasting cholesterol level was 179 mg/dL. The mean non-fasting cholesterol was 190 mg/dL, with a difference of 11 mg/dL from the fasting level with P <0.001, meaning that the difference was statistically significant. The two measurements’correspondenceinpatients’ clinical classification was 76.5% (K = 0.5).Mean fasting HDL 38.8 mg/dL and non-fasting HDL 39.7 m /dL with a difference of 0.9 m/dL with P = 0.127. The two measurements’ correspondence in patients’ clinical classification was 80% (K = 0.58). Mean fasting LDL 113 mg/dl and mean non-fasting LDL 121 with a difference of 8 mg/dL with P <0.001. The difference between fasting and non-fasting total cholesterol was statistically significant in Patients with high blood pressure, heart failure patients, diabetic patients, hypothyroidism patients, hyperthyroidism patients and renal impairment patients, while the difference was statistically insignificant in the age group of patients who included men over the age of 35 and women aged More than 45 years old, and in smokers, sports practitioners, and obese patients. The difference between fasting and non-fasting LDL was statistically significant in patients with diabetes, hypothyroidism, and renal impairment.

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Common injuries among athletes and non-athletes football players in Kuwait

Nourah Al-Ajmi, Wafaa Al-Shemeri, Rehab Jamal, DalalHajeah, Marwah Mohammad, Marwah Al-Asoosy, Rawan Al-Muneefi,Zuheir Hassan

Abstract: Introduction: Football is the most common sport played not only in Kuwait but also worldwide. This sport is not limited to athletes only; many of non-athletes practice it regularly on a daily basis. Football injuries are very common, caused by different factors that can be eradicated by preventive measures .Aim: This study is conducted to find out the prevalence of most common football injuries among athletes and non-athletes in Kuwait, in order to prevent these injuries. Method: This study was held in several Kuwait clubs and 2 malls in Kuwait to include athletes and non-athletes players. Our study tool is a questionnaire distributed from June 2013 to September 2013. It is a cross sectional study with a sample size of 400 Kuwaitis including 200 athletes and 200 non-athletes. All samples were chosen randomly to capture the inclusion criteria.  Result: From our results, we established that the most common injury among athletes is the ankle in both age groups (above 18 and under 18 years old) On the other hand, the most common injury in non-athletes differs in both age groups making the knee the most injured site in above 18 years old and the hand in under 18 years old. Also we found that,lack of warm up is the most common cause of these injuries in both, athletes and non-athletes.Conclusion and Recommendation: We have seen that the prevalence of football injuries in Kuwait this year is 79%.We recommend the Authority of Youth and Sports to educate the players about protective methods to prevent injuries.

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Outcomes of Second Trimester Abortion in Amhara Region, North Ethiopia: A cross sectional study

Bekele Yazie  Derso, Andualem Mossie,  and Fitsum Araya

Abstract: Background: Worldwide, about 42 million unintended pregnancies are terminated each year, an estimated 20 million of which are unsafe. WHO claims that unsafe abortions kill 68,000 women, which accounts for 13% of all pregnancy-related deaths. Two-thirds of major abortion related complications and half of abortion related maternal mortality occurs in pregnancies terminated after 13 weeks of gestation.The risk of complications increases with operator inexperience and gestational age and depends on the method chosen. Objective: The main aim of the present study is to assess the outcome of second trimester abortion in terms of effectiveness, and complication and side effects in five hospitals of Amhara Region.Methods: Prospective cross-sectional study was conducted on patients seeking termination of pregnancy between 13 and 28 weeks of gestational age attended in five hospitals in Amhara region from July 01 to September 10, 2011. The data was collected using interviewer led questionnaire from all consecutive pregnant women who come to terminate their second trimester pregnancy in those hospitals. Ethical clearance was obtained from the concerned body. The data was coded, entered and analyzed using SPSS (16th version). Results:A total of 231 pregnant women participated in this study with mean (± SD) age of 24.96 ± 5.843 years. Out of them132 (57%) were urban in their residence, 141 (61%) of them had unplanned pregnancy, 181(78.2%) second trimester abortion was done by Misoprostol alone / with mifepristone. Completeness of abortion was found to have statistically significant association (X2=25.589, P<0.002) with gestational age.With in medical method vomiting (9.3%), Nausea (14.9%) and Fever (11.5) was observed.Both abdominal pain and Pelvic infection was statistically significant with methods (P<0.05).Conclusion: The majority of the clients were urban in residence, students in occupation, and secondary school and above on their educational status. Medical methods were the commonly methods of termination of second trimester pregnancy. Financial problems, fear of other people, rape, incest and problems related to their partners were the main reasons of the clients for termination of pregnancy. Most of the pregnancies were unplanned and abortion was started induced.

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Andrea Giacalone, Marino Cavalluzzi, Martina Mazzone, Gennaro Rocco, Enzo Ruberti

Abstract: Backgournd: It was decided to carry out the first screening project on idiopathic scoliosis and possible comorbidity with temporomandibular joint dysfunction in Tirana. Methods: The cases of scoliosis previously diagnosed were subsequently subjected to diagnostic tests for comorbidity with the temporomandibular joint by referring to the Helkimo indexes. Results: Of the 26 females who were positive to the examination objective, only 11 had radiological examination and found that out of 11, 8 showed scoliosis, with a margin of error of 3 subjects. Of the 24 males, who were positive to the examination objective, 7 continued with the radiological investigation, to which they were all positive. Finally, 100% of subjects with concurrent diagnosis of scoliosis have at least one of the protomembrane symptoms of mandibular temporomandibular dysfunction. Conclusions: Eighteen of the 50 positive children on the target examination have performed the X-ray examination and in fifteen cases the diagnosis of scoliosis has been confirmed. Concerning the scoliosis ATM correlation, 100% of subjects with concurrent diagnosis of scoliosis have at least one of the protomembrane symptoms of mandibular temporomandibular dysfunction. Limitations: The socio-economic impact has been the most important limit.

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Use of the FMS as a tool for evaluating and preventing injuries in professional football players

Alessandro Iamele, Mario Vetrano, Enzo Ruberti

Abstract: The basic motor sequences behind the seven Functional Movement Screen (FMS) tests place athletes in a condition that exposes the limitations of mobility, stability and balance. Since the number of football players is increasing, also the number of subjects likely to be injured could proportionately increase with it.The purpose of the study is to verify whether there is any correlation between the final FMS score and risk of non-traumatic injury in a group of professional football athletes.A group of athletes born in 1999/2000 playing in a professional football team were examined between March and September 2016 by use of the FMS (n = 18).All participants in the study were evaluated at half competitive season while incidences of muscular or articular injury were monitored during the rest of the season. Specifically, verifications were made as to whether any injuries that were not linked to direct trauma occurred to those who scored ≤14 in the FMS tests.Based on data reported in literature by Kiesel et all, which places the FMS score ≤ 14 as a risk value, the study revealed that 71% of athletes who suffered injury obtained a total score equal to or below the FMS risk value.

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Spectrophotometric determination of Pefloxacin through ion-pair complexin pharmaceuticals

Rana M. W. Kazan, Hassan Seddik, Mahmoud Aboudane

Abstract: A Simple, rapid, accurate, and sensitive spectrophotometric method was developed for the determination of Pefloxacin (PEF), in pure forms and pharmaceutical formulations. This method is based on the formation of ion-pair complex between the basic drug (PEF), and acid dye; bromocresol green (BCG). The formed complex was measured at 432 nm by using chloroform as solvent. The analytical parameters and their effects are investigated. Beer’s law was obeyed in the rangeof2.000 – 14.668 µg/mL, with correlation coefficient   R2 = 0.9999. The average recovery of Pefloxacin was between 98.50and 101.65%. The limit of detection was 17.84ng/mL and limit of quantification was 54.07ng/mL. The proposed method has been successfully applied to the analysis of PEF in pure forms and pharmaceutical formulations.

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Isolation bacteria from soaked chickpea using for bakery fermentation

Rasha Kyyaly, Mona Lawand, Fateh Khatib

Abstract: The aim of the present study was to isolate and determine the dominant and effective bacterial species present in chickpea soak which is used in Syria and Middle East for fermentation during the preparation of the popular Kaak pastry as well as other baked products.Thirty isolates were isolated from three samples of soaked chickpea collected from a local bakery store in Aleppo. Of these, 19 isolates were aerobic and 11 isolates were anaerobic. All isolates were tested for biochemical tests (sugar fermentation, catalase, indol, nitrate, VP, starch hydrolysis and growth at 6.5 % NaCl). Isolates were then tested by P1/P2 primers and results showed a single band at about 1100 bp. The GenBank database was then used to compare 16S rDNA sequences and there were three bacterial species found: Clostridium (Clostridioides Prazmowski 1880) sartagoforme, Bacillus thuringiensis (Berliner 1915) and Enterococcus faecium ([Orla-Jensen 1919] Schleifer & Kilpper Bälz 1984). Each isolated species was then tested solely for dough fermentation and the results were compared with the control (fermented using soaked chickpea mixture). The results showed that Clostridium sartagoforme. isolate gave a very similar fermentation power as the control (chickpea soak), although incubated for a longer time. As the significance and impact of study, Clostridium sartagoforme. strains isolated from chickpea soak can be used for production of this famous traditional pastry in Syria and Middle East to avoid the problems of the very short shelf life of the soaked chickpea and instability of its properties according to the success of soaking process.

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Rickets awareness among parents in Jeddah

Bassam Sameer Molawi, Rayan Sameer Molawi, Trad Abdulaziz Alasiri

Abstract: Rickets is a disease that affect children and cause permanent deformities and it could lead to serious complications. In this research we discuss the parents awareness of Rickets in Jeddah city. Questionnaires were distributed to 300 parents from Jeddah city to measure their knowledge about the disease. 70% of parents does not know how to prevent the complications of the disease.Raise the parents awareness about rickets through various channels of communications is recommended to avoid permanent bone deformity.

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